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Hep C can be cured*

No matter how you got hepatitis C (hep C), you can be cured*.

Years ago, hep C treatments took a long time and required injections. Now, treatments are only pills (no injections) and can be completed in as few as 8 weeks.

Today's hep C treatments:

can take as few as

Today's hep C treatments can take as few as 8 week.

are pills


not injections

may be taken with birth control and medication-assisted treatment for opioid abuse


Tell your healthcare professional about all of the medicines you take.

Current therapies have high cure rates of 95% or greater according to clinical studies.

have high cure rates of 95% or greater

according to clinical studies


have fewer side effects than older treatments

Common side effects are now headache and tiredness.

Getting treated for hep C is affordable


Treatment is covered by most insurance plans, including Medicaid and Medicare.

If you don't have insurance, have been denied treatment coverage, or need help with your copays, there are options for most patients.

*Cure means the hepatitis C virus is not detectable in your blood months after treatment has ended.

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