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Reaching out for support

If you’ve been diagnosed with chronic hepatitis C, it’s important to realize that you are not alone. Millions of people have hep C, and there are resources that can provide you with emotional support and assistance.

Your friends and family can also be a source of support, but if you are concerned with how they might react, you may want to prepare some facts about hep C to share with them.

  • For example, family members may be wondering how you got hep C and how it is spread. Giving your friends and family facts about the disease can help them understand what's true and what's not. And when friends and family understand your illness better, they'll be able to support you better.
  • Encourage your friends and family to learn more on their own. Sometimes it's easier for people to find out more in their own time.
  • Share how you're feeling and ask for what you need. Talk about any symptoms you may have and how they affect your mood. Speaking honestly can help them understand what's going on and why.

Get real answers from real people. Call 1-844-HEPC-INFO
(1-844-437-2463) with your hepatitis C questions.

Connect with financial assistance
and patient support

Below is a list of organizations that can help.

Many resources exist to help patients and their families understand the potential out of pocket expenses for treatment. If you have insurance, you can call your insurance company and they can explain your benefits and coverage for hepatitis C treatments. There is also help even if you don't have insurance or need help with your co-pays, or if you have been denied treatment coverage. Additionally, some organizations can provide support to you and your family for managing hep C as well as information on overall health and wellness.

Note: None of the organizations listed above have endorsed this website and they are not affiliated with AbbVie.

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