Tim’s Story


Living here and going to the beach for me is a huge release. It’s calmness. Being in Charleston, it is fine arts, it’s the foods. People can fit in no matter where they’ve come from.

I hadn’t been to the doctor in 10 years, and I thought I’d better get a general practitioner and just go through all the tests. And then that’s when he discovered I had hepatitis C.

I had no idea I had it. Total surprise. I wouldn’t be happy with myself if I didn’t try to pursue taking care of myself. I didn’t want to let it go.


There are 6 common genotypes of hep C in the U.S.


The doctor reviewed me, and of course he explained the genotypes. Understanding that the cure rate is high, I felt that going through treatment was more beneficial than waiting.

There are a number of communities where people are actually going through the treatments. And they were sharing their experiences.

Living with hepatitis C didn’t really change how I felt about my life, but what it did do is it made me realize I hadn’t been living my life as well as I could have.

The day I found out I was cured it was kind of like a big celebration. I didn’t have this unknown thing ticking away that I was afraid of. I knew that I’d conquered it and that I could focus on other things in my life.

I’m actually fixing up the yard and my house. Trying to create this wonderful environment for my buddies to come over.

It’s huge having friends that can support and listen to you. I mean, we’re here to have a life, try to enjoy it and experience it. And I just want to have the best life that I can.

I’ve been a fighter my whole life. So when hepatitis C was put in front of me, I wanted to confront it, and I wanted to get through it.

What I would tell anybody about hepatitis C is that there’s nothing to be ashamed about, and it’s not something to be afraid of.

Talk to your doctor.